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Timber Taxes in the US are significant, but not impossible to manage. In this section of the web domain we will explore how to take advantage of the federal tax code so that you are only paying the taxes required by IRS regulation and US tax law.

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Managing Your Tax Bill

Forest and timber taxes are a fact of life in the US and other countries. In this section of the web domain we will explore the mechanics of how you can manage your forestland investment to take advantage of the US federal tax code. You will learn how to set up your original basis after purchase of the property, how to allocate your investment between the various assets of land, timber, equipment, and depreciable real property investments. From there we will explore how your depletion allowance is calculated prior to a timber sale and how your income is treated for tax purposes.

In order to assist you further, we have taken the complicated tax codes of the US IRS and made them easy to understand with on-screen calculations of your most difficult tax calculations. Explore our tax resources!

This section of our web site is a combination of and the highly rated, now brought together into the same web domain. Offering you the most for forestland tax management!

"The IRS should rewrite our nuclear secrets in the style of the Federal Tax Code, so that any enemy stealing them would be driven insane trying to read them."
Dave Barry
The Consultant, Winter 2000. pp 12.

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